Monday, May 04, 2009

Put it to My Account

Philemon 18 "But if he has wronged you or
owes anything, put it to my account."

“Put it to My account,” He cries
And wraps His loving arm around
The filthy, wretched sinners at His side.

“The wrongs they’ve done, the debts they owe,
I’ll pay it all, I love them so.
Forgive them, Father, put it to My account.

“Put it to My account,” He says,
“The thorns, the scourge, the bloody death,
I bore it all that justice might be paid.”

“My perfect, spotless righteousness,
Obedient life, the blood I shed
For them, O Father; put it to My account.”

“Put it to My account,” He pleads

“Impute to them My holy life
And when You look at them, You will see Me.”

“Send Your Spirit to be there guide
And give them grace for daily trials;
Their sin, My Father, put it to My account.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Put to His account! My life
No longer lived for self but for
The One Who loved enough to die for sinful men.

The Shepherd dies for sheep that stray,
All servants’ debts the Master pays,
My sinful life was put to His account!

Put to His account! What love
To send an only Son that
While I was a sinner, still, He died!

He came, died, rose - atonement made!
It was a price I could not pay,
Praise God! My debt was put to Christ’s account!