Saturday, September 10, 2005

Fun With the Worden Children

We had the wonderful opportunity to have Rebekah and Luke Worden spend the day with us last Thursday while their parents went to a conference near our home. The day was filled with much laughter, (the majority coming from Josiah and Luke, who had a blast together, and tried to make us think they were twins by wearing similar shirts) and we were able to share a evening meal with the whole family when Mr. and Mrs. Worden returned. We are continually thanking God for such wonderful friends! Posted by Picasa

In the afternoon, a group of us went down to the woods near our library for a nature walk. Christianna and Rebekah had fun (?) posing for Grace on this fallen tree. Doesn't all that lush green foliage look so cool and inviting? (Just watch out for the Poison Ivy!) Posted by Picasa