Saturday, February 28, 2015

The End of February

 Like all the years before it, 2015 is flying by at a rate which in turn, delights, frustrates, and astonishes us. Believe it or not, February is over with, and the third month of the year already upon us. Which for us means that we have been here at the "castle" for 2 months now!!! (and if we're honest, we still have boxes to unpack...)

Below is a "picturesque"view of a day in late February.

 As mentioned in the previous post Josiah has been busy chopping down trees, and sawing up wood (or visa versa :) Some of it we use for burning right away to keep our "castle" nice and toasty warm, but the rest is stacked up in between our pine trees to be used for Josiah's Maple Sugaring. (and yes tapping time is coming fast!!!)

 Moby enjoys getting to spend time outside surveying the land...

 A lot of times with his momma Sadie by his side. :)

 Later that afternoon I took a stroll out in the back with the puppies.

 It's beautiful out there, and I can't wait till spring and we can see and explore it to the farthest extent.

 Kitten too, likes to sit out in the sunshine watching all the goings on.
 Like Josiah and Dad chopping wood.

 Sometimes she has to actually go check it out in person to see if they're doing a good job. :)

{hardworking guys}

 {Kitten in the sunshine}

The cold February evening closed with an impressive sky. 
We are thankful to God for the past 2 months at our new place, and look forward to the spring and all the excitement it will bring!