Friday, April 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Joshua!

Well, Josh was hoping to have a new house for his birthday, but his prayer/wish wasn't quite granted. However I'm pretty sure he had a really enjoyable day anyways as he was treated by John with a trip to Cabelas, spent a couple hours at Elizabeth Park fishing, went out to eat with dad and had a fun filled evening as we celebrated his 17th birthday!

Family tradition is Birthday breakfast in bed. This year Josh was eating like a king as his menu consisted of almond drink (a smoothy made with blanched almonds, and frozen bananas and strawberries) three crispy pieces of bacon, warm apple crisp with a pile of whipped cream on top and a full glass of fresh orange juice.

This year Josh's cake was a beautifully and artisticly created Small mouth Bass by Mom and Christianna, the latter doing the entire decorating work! Boy did it look impressive! Oh ya, the flavor was Banana Chocolate chip and the next picture will also show the finishing touches with a couple of hooked gummy worms ready to be gulped down by the fish!

Josh enjoying the fish food!

One of his gifts was a DVD by the pianist Calvin Jones called Through High Places. Josh has really admired this man's playing techniques and style for a while and has even taught himself one of Calvin's pieces! The close to half hour long video creates a very relaxing atmosphere as the music is choreographed with beautiful and breathtaking images of God's glorious creation among the Rockie mountains!

Another one of Joshua's gifts was the P.I.G. book : The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History.

Some forgotten happenings...

... Over the past few weeks several things have been kind of missed -blogging wise- and with our move coming up on us quickly I thought I'd better get going and caught up on things before I forget completely! Hope you enjoy the following. - Grace

Recently one of the 'little' ladies in our church was going to have a birthday, so Faith decided to make her a dress.

Purple with polka dots and white piping was chosen and the project commenced.

Faith has made a dress from this pattern before and even with a few adjustments she whipped it off pretty fast!

Tada! The finished product, matching bloomers and all!

Cruiz looked just lovely in that full skirt dress (I wasn't able to get a picture of her twirling in it) and was very thankful to Faith who did a most excellent job!

Our house sells, so we start cleaning stuff up and packing. Well that brought us to find a lot of stuff that we did not need and thankfully right around this time also the ever faithful Purple Heart truck was going to be making it's round and "YES" we did have a lot of stuff for them!

Back in the middle of March Dad had the wonderful opportunity to go with a friend down to the Contending for the Truth conference in Florida. The event was hosted by Ligonier Ministries.

God blessed the whole event and Dad and Mr. Worden came back with pages and pages of notes that they shared with the church.

You can check out more about the conference and what it was all about and even purchase audio copies at

This poor little guy was yet another victom of our front window. Thankfully though it was not fatal. What a great opportunity from the Lord though, as Faith was able to hold the most adorable Brown Tree Creeper who occasionally visits our yard! Such an amazing creation!

Not quite ready to take off, this little guy laid in Faith's hand until he got his bearings back and flew to one of our backyard trees. The most interesting and unique thing about this small bird is that unlike wood peckers and such, these can only climb up the tree and have to fly back down if they want to get to a lower spot!