Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sunday Afternoon

A glimpse of last Sunday.
One of the pleasures of summer is being able to have a full vase of flowers on the piano for church every Sunday.  The last of fall flowers, these chrysanthemums, are a wonderful bright way to finish off the season.

Little fingers found the piano after potluck, and many interesting tunes serenaded the air. 

 The Sweater Club.  We were very much amused to find that every single man in the church were dressed in some sort of sweater or sweater vest! :)  So we had to take a manly picture. Dashing!


Bits and Pieces from October

 So, I realize it has been rather quiet on the home front here.  Life has not been boring at Lily Spring Gardens and Farm, and right now we are going through some pretty major changes, which I will try to inform you all of sometime soon. 

 In the meantime I thought I would endeavor to update and amuse you by sharing the often left out miscellaneous photos from the unimportant bits and pieces of our life that happened in the already vanished month known as October.
A couple of dead trees in our glade were begging to be taken down, and since mother deemed them too tall for the boy and his ax, Mr. Reiche kindly offered to take down the offending tree with his chain saw.
"Timber!!"  and down came the tree.
 Not only did Mr. Reiche fell the tree, he also sawed into manageable pieces and stacked them to perfection.
{the above collage was taken by the photographic genius known as Josiah Sauve}


One time in October when Josh was up north at drill, Theresa came over to spend some of the weekend with us.
We made soap, and desserts, worked in the garden, and watched Miss Potter.  A very successful weekend if you ask me:)


No this is not a picture of a burglar, nor is the subject a hillbilly nurse.
Rather this is the only photo I managed to take during the fall emptying, sweeping, cleaning, and painting of our chicken coops.  Memories:)


And last but not least, one of the breathtaking sunsets which were signature of the latter part of the month.
"The glory of God is all around you.   Look and see!!!"