Saturday, December 19, 2015

Polish Luau

Just over a year ago, we were able to find a wonderful church that we started attending. We have gained so many wonderful friends, been blessed with wonderful sound preaching, and really become a part of  a new family!

One fun thing we got to experience this year, was when our church did a "Polish Luau". We had never heard of this before, and weren't really sure what we were getting into, but really it was a lot of fun!
Basically it's like a big New England Dinner. Each family brings enough Cabbage, potatoes, corn (on the cob) and sausage links for the people in their household.
On the driveway their was a large (clean..) metal garbage can full of water, that is sat down inside of a metal drum, which has a hole in the side, and a fire burning in the bottom.

The Polish Luau was held at the home of one of the Pastor's sons, and while we were waiting for the water to heat up we got a tour of their impressive pumpkin Patch.

Sweet "Miss Beth," the most wonderful Pastor's wife ever!

"Is it ready yet!!"
The different vegetables were dumped in the boiling water, in a systematic way, so they all cooked properly, then the sausage was thrown in last.
When it was all done, the guys lifted out the can with a 2x4 and chains, and then one of them got a pair of strong pliers.
Everyone else grabbed a sheet, and held on tight as the big dinner in a can was dumped into our "sieve". 
Then it was time to dig in!! 
It was a fun, unique, time of fellowship! And the dinner was pretty good tasting too, even if we did eat it off the ground! :)