Wednesday, July 05, 2006

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Here is a portion of Dad's graduation charge to John: "Finally, my son, as we congratulate you on your success in finishing your home school education, I admonish you as you look ahead. Be strong, but be humble. Be bold, but be patient. Be zealous, but be discerning. Be courageous for God, but be compassionate toward your fellow man. Be an example and set a high standard for your younger brothers that they may follow in your footsteps. Be a supporter and a protector of your sisters. Lastly, be a faithful servant of God and let your life reflect His image and we, your parents, will not be ashamed of you, but will praise God for you!"Posted by Picasa

David Wagner playing O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing on his classical guitar. Posted by Picasa

Teach Me O LORD
Teach me O Lord Thy holy way, and give me an obedient mind; that in Thy service I may find my soul's delight from day to day.
Guide my, O Saviour, with Thy hand, and so control my thoughts and deeds, that I may tread the path which leads right onward to the blessed land.
Help me, O Saviour, here to trace the sacred foot-steps thou hast trod; and meekly walking with my God, to grow in goodness, truth and grace.
Guard me, O Lord, that I may ne'er forsake the right, or do the wrong: against temptation make me strong, and round me spread thy shelt'ring care.
Bless me in every task, O Lord, begun continued done for Thee: fulfil Thy perfect work in my; and Thine abounding grace afford. From Psalm 119:33-40Posted by Picasa

The Graduate! Posted by Picasa

John, with the help of his little buddy Spence, cut the cake. Posted by Picasa