Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hatchin Out!

21 days ago we borrowed an incubator and inserted 20 eggs, in the hope of increasing our flock. A week after they started incubating we candled them and found out that 4 were duds, and since then having been waiting in anticipation for the other 16 eggs to hatch.

Well on Saturday afternoon (while us girls were at a wedding, which I will tell you about later ;) the very first chick hatched.

Here are two bitty chickies that hatched out at the same time!

The first little chick after she dried out.

Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep little chickie.

Little Princess.

14 of the 16 eggs hatched and there is also a broody hen that is sitting on 6 eggs that will not hatch till Wednesday or Thursday.

What a sweet little buff against the blue shirt.

Robin is my favorite chick, isn't she adorable! It astounds me to think of that chick developing and growing inside of the little shell. Gods creations are amazing!

Goodbye everybody!! Keep tuned in, to here updates about us sweet little chicks.