Tuesday, March 04, 2008

African Meal

At the end of our Unit study on Africa we decided to have an authentic meal to culminate our studies. After conferring with Mom and getting some recipes from Grandma (Grandpa and Grandma were missionaries to Niger for 40 years) we decided on a Menu. Josh and Josiah were set in charge of finding native clothes and I worked with Mom, filling the kitchen with exotic smells and the dining room with African decorations.

The dining room kind of looked like a clothes shop since Josiah insisted on hanging up all the African clothes that were too small for us.
African dolls from Niger, notice the baby on the back of the lady. When Josiah was a baby he got wrapped onto Mom's back when she dressed up, just like that.

Turban wrapping! We tried quite a few different styles as you will notice in the following pictures. Josiah couldn't seem to keep his on and Faith had fun wrapping it on his head over and over.

Aunt Jemima style! Faith insisted on tying it up on top of her head which made her look more like an African\ American cook than a native lady.

I tried my kerchief tied behind my head and was told, that with my braids I looked like a Gypsy.

Ah! Now there is an Authentic African Woman.

Whoa scary!!!

Dinner existed of Tuo a thick millet porridge, Mia a spicy meat gravy which was poured over the Tuo, and Kosai (Blacked eyed pea fritters).


Tuo da Mia

Having fun!

The African family. (John had been working and was too tired to get dressed)