Monday, May 03, 2010

To Missouri and back.

The date was April 22nd, the location Fort Leonard Wood Missouri, the occasion... Joshua's Graduation from training for the national guard. Therefore the morning of Tuesday April 20th found all of us (Grandpa included) piled in our dear van Ginger and heading down the freeway in the direction of Missouri. I will stop here and inform you that this post will be over flowing with pictures and for the most part wordless. Enjoy!

Counting trucks, a mind numbing activity to help wile away the hours (Faith got to 1,000 and quit, before we had left Michigan;)

We passed many interesting and beautiful sights along the way.

Including the St. Louis sky line.

Coming to the Mississippi river bridge.

After arriving at our motel Tuesday evening, and having a semi-restful night, we headed out to Fort Leonard Wood, Wednesday morning , for Family day with Josh.

It was hard to find Josh among all the shaved heads:).

We went to a park for lunch and Josh entertained us with all his stories.

Then off to the Military Police Museum.

Fort Leonard Wood covers 71,000 acres of land, some of which is beautiful wild land.

That evening we met John who had driven up from Texas, and had a nice dinner, before taking Josh back to the Barracks for the night.

Thursday we headed out bright and early for the Fort, but still found the Abrams theater packed when we arrived for the graduation. After speeches by their Captain and others, each platoon marched onto stage in time to a cadence sung out by their drill sergeant.

Then each private stepped forward shouted out his name and place where he came from before marching off stage.

We are very grateful to God for keeping our soldier safe during his training, and are so thankful and joyful that we have him home once more.