Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A visit to Almar Orchard.

This Monday, we pulled on our muck boots jumped in the van and drove over to Almar Orchard, an organic apple orchard near us. After completing the important part of the trip (buying Apples, Cider, and doughnuts;) we made our way around the puddles and mud, to their petting farm out back. The first creature to greet us, was this extremely rotund, and rather vocal, pygmy goat, demanding attention. In body it rather resembled a pot bellied pig.

Sharing the pen with this extraordinary creature, was a larger more well proportioned goat, a doleful faced donkey, and this slightly shy benevolent looking sheep.

There were also cute jake turkeys running around, and Josiah tried to cajole them to let him pet them but they were to smart for him!

I think that Turkeys have a face only a mother could love. They are on the same level as Vultures and Guinea Fowl.

Ah, but if you are looking for beauty, gaze upon this gorgeous fowl. This peacock was just as friendly as the turkeys.

When we had exhausted the intricacies and beauty of the fowl, we turned to look at the reindeer which is the Orchards main attraction, besides apples that is.

The horses that we had petted and fed last year, were put out in a far pasture, so we could only gaze and sigh with longing.

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Then there were these two sage Llamas, they looked like judges sitting under the trees and waiting upon the citizens to come and bring them their problems;)

One of the barns seemed quite empty, until we heard a soft grunting noise coming from the side stalls. PIGLETS!!!! They were beyond adorable, making all sorts of grunts and squeals as they ran around their large mother and played football with themselves. But as with all little things, they grow up. In this case to look like......

This. Enormous hog, number one, was out in the pasture with two friends rooting around, and making some not so soft and cute grunting noises. Josiah still wants to get pigs someday...........