Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The day late Birthday...

A week ago today was Christianna's birthday, but because we were up north all day house hunting, the celebrations got pushed over to Thursday.

At 7:30 pm on March 28th, 1992 Christianna Hope Sauve was born into our family! 15 years have passed in which our lives have been blessed by having this sweet, thoughtful and passionately loving little(except for Josiah) sister around. Her care and concern for others and her love and devotion to her LORD mark the characteristics of this dear young lady and her surety in Christ her Redeemer and Savior.

Our hope wouldn't be sure if it wasn't for Christ who gave His life to pay for our great debt of sin and give us eternal life, and our family wouldn't be the same either without our dear daughter and sister Christianna Hope!

With her basket of flowers cake

One of her most wished for gifts was the March tea cup from Victorian Trading Co.

Faith made her a gorgeous spring dress which is underneath all the other gifts in this picture.