Tuesday, February 24, 2009

An Impromptu Tea party

(Baby, dressed for the tea)

Last Saturday Grace, Christianna and Faith were suppose to go to a Young Ladies Tea down south somewhere. (anything further than the Palace is "down south" to us) But God had other plans and sent a snow storm, so they stayed home.
Rather then waste all their hard work on the tea goodies, curled hair and pretty dresses finished just for the occasion, they decided to invite the neighbor ladies down for an afternoon tea.

Christianna gets the food ready . . .



The guests arrive, all dressed in their best. So lovely!

Pretty teacups and crystal goblets.

Are you enjoying your tea, ladies?

We are having a lovely time, thank you!

The infamous "green tea!" :-)

We made delightful little bees wax candles after tea. So fragrant!

A bees wax taper. Pretty flowers. Sweet young lady!

This young lady (the pretty one in the green) was a wiz at candle making! She made many beautiful candles and shared them with special people.

Happy friends after the lovely tea.

A group shot of everyone in their finery.