Sunday, May 08, 2011

Home away from home for a week

Last week Josiah Faith and I were privileged to house-sit for some friends of ours. Friends with 8 cats, one dog, two fish, and a flock of chickens. We had so much fun and the cats were so funny each with their own personalities.

This is Leonardo, he is one of the outdoor cats and has the distinction of being the oldest cat. He has quite the Kingly attitude, if he does not want to be petted or picked up, then he will NOT be petted or picked up! :)

Lovey is the other outdoor feline, and takes care of herself quite well. But every once and a while she will come up for some loving.

Indoors there are 3 "senior" cats and 3 kittens. Thomas is the patriarch of the house, fat, lazy, so heavy you can barely pick him up, and extremely laid back and friendly.

Ginger is part Siamese and of all the cats the most shy. When you do get a glimpse of her she is absolutely gorgeous, and she was quite a poser for the camera, as long as I stood far enough away;)

Then there is Sugar, a beautiful blue eyed Siamese, and the life of the party! Every night she would come into our room and have a play time. She adored Josiah's latch hook and Josiah adored her.

Cuddles is one of the kittens; she is a sweet princess so fluffy and soft.

And then there are the "twins", not literally, but they look so much alike that it took me all week to figure out who was who.

The only dog in a house of felines, Ellie is a very sweet, loving pit-bull lab mix.

We are home now, our friends having returned, and you know what? I almost miss the hectic two home lifestyle. Almost.... just not quite. :)