Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Chickie Biddies are growing up!

Our Broody Hen's eggs hatched, releasing 5 adorable tiny chicks. She was so sweet with her chicks. They came running to her every call.

Meanwhile the poor 14 chicks which hatched from the incubator were completely motherless.

Soooo, we decided to see whether Grumpy, the Mother hen would accept the other chicks, and she did. Except....

for three little barred rock boys, who Grumpy decided she didn't like and kicked them out. The only reason we can think of, is that Grumpy thought she had too many chicks so she rejected the three boys because they had a white spot on their head.

Isn't she sweet with all her chicks? It is amazing when we let God do it His way, hens know how to take care of the chicks much better than us. Don't you think?