Sunday, October 14, 2007

A week to not forget!

The past week has been a full and blessed one! Because so much was done let me just give you the highlights and I'm sure you will get the "picture"! =)

Last Sunday afternoon after service, our family headed over to Grand Blanc to see and hear the Wissmann Family Singers! We had met this wonderful family two years ago when they were in the area but had never heard them sing live (we have a couple of their recordings) so this was quite the treat and a blessed time to see a family so exuberant and filled with love for each other and the Lord as they sang and shared what God has been doing for them.

Some of the other things that have been happening around the homestead have been...

Watching the field of soy beans across the street be harvested...

...and catching Red Bellied Snakes!

Then on Wednesday an exciting and most enjoyable evening was had as we gathered together at the Bryson's for dinner and fellowship with the Wissmann family! (Sorry, I was a very poor photographer and did not get many pictures!)

[Photo taken by Bethany Wissmann]

After dinner and time spent getting to know each other better, we did a little singing and shared with our new friends a couple pieces from Handel's Messiah. What a blessed gathering it was as brothers and sisters in Christ! Thank you so much Bryson family for hosting this event!
What is it like to have 32 people in one home? Glorious!
May God receive all the praise and honor!
Friday evening found us again with friends as the Bendixen family came over for dinner and fellowship through singing later with the Bryson family.

Josh, Jeriah and Barak trying out the bows!

Several of us ladies getting food ready.

The gentlemen table!

A banjo, guitar, two accordions, two harmonicas and 25 voices praising God!
Lastly, due to several hard frosts the last couple days, we have started to clean out our garden and glean the produce that God has so richly blessed us with this first year!

Here Josiah is bringing in his three largest "Pie" pumpkins! Yes, those were supposed to be pie pumpkins! We were sure that the seed packet said that delicious word but upon watching these jumbo quashes grow we were starting to think otherwise! Anyways, we will just have to see when we cut them open but either way we are so thankful for the blessing of being able to harvest your own produce!
May God bless you all this week!