Thursday, March 20, 2008

Welcome, Spring!!!

Today is the "first" day of Spring!

When we saw this handsome man the other day, it was a sign of hope for our winter worn eyes!

For the past couple of days we have had a Sand Hill Crane visit our back acre every morning. Well actually it wasn't till last night when we saw him fly low over head and land out back that we found he was spending the night. We are not sure why the elegant bird has chosen our water land for it's campground, but we don't really mind and so this morning I tried to sneak out there to get a closer picture of him.

He got a little nervous with Baby being out there with me and since there was our huge open yard between me and this feathery friend, he flew off before I could get close enough.

Ok so this pictures isn't the best but I was shooting in Manual and when he flew off I did not have time to reset my shutter speed, thus the interesting image (with a little digital playing)! =)

The late morning got a little cloudy but in the afternoon the Sun was shining so nicely and the outdoors looked so inviting, I grabbed my camera and new lenses and headed out again!

Growing, growing, growing!! Signs of hope and teasers to the glorious floral display to come! Hyacinths, tulips and crocuses!
Ha! Here is the last(oh, how I wish! But I know that it is all to unfortunately possible that we will get some more) of our snow piles!

Budding, blooming, growing...God's glory is Springing forth around us and we are filled with wonder and awe and praise to our Creator!
It is a fool who can't see the Hand that created and designed all of nature and mankind!