Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Good things come in small packages!

Last week while some of us were away in Florida cleaning out our Grandparents house, a lot of little packages arrived at our farm. First came of a package of animated moving darling cotton balls.
Our dear "Little Girl" hatched out seven little puff ball chicks!

Josiah took this picture and I just love it; with all the little chicks facing away the camera.

The next little package came as quite a surprise. You see our white goat Fiona was due to have her Baby the week before, and we were waiting with bated breath for her to finally deliver. Now please remember that we were absolutely positive that she would have white baby's, not because we are partial to that color, but because we had heard that white was the dominant color strain so unless you had a very dark buck you would probably end up with a white kid. So imagine our surprise when Grace found ....

...this little black kid in the pen with Fiona!!?!

Since he has a distinct resemblance to a donkey, some have used that as his name, while others prefer "burro", or even "Eeyore"! He does have problem nursing, and also has a funny wobbly leg, but so far has made it, though very small and weak.