Monday, October 20, 2008

Filling Days with Memories!

Its only Tuesday but since John came home on Friday we have done so much...filling up the days with memories and lots of pictures!
So here you go...I have so many to post but I will try to keep up on them and at least just give you a glimpse of all that we have done. ~Enjoy!

Josiah being goofy wearing John's shoes and trying to be taller than him. John is wearing his bandanna souvenir from a mountain he climbed in S. Korea. Don't mind Johns dirty pants...thats just the result of his loving brothers playing football with him!

Saturday morning the six of us children headed off to milk goats at a friends farm we were taking care of and show John the animals.

[picture taken by Josh]

Farmer boy and his little lamb.


Saturday afternoon we had "the local group" over to visit with John. The little boys just loved him!


Eating and chatting with friends...
Playing "Washers". If you look closely you can see the yellow washer flying through the air.

The two Johns!

Later in the afternoon the relatives showed up and we had an enjoyable rest of the evening...

...gathered around the fire pit...eating dinner and telling old stories and playing games that Aunt Carmen brought for all us kids!

Aunt Myrt and Josiah trying out the Tiddlywinks.

The puzzle one was a favorite!
What a wonderful day filled with memories!

Chop sticks anyone? =)