Wednesday, September 05, 2007

High and Dry

Did you ever wonder what all the little creepy crawlies do when it rains? Well, I never did, but I sure found out the other day!
A lovely rain storm came blasting through our neck of the woods, sending down buckets and buckets of much needed H2O. Things had been pretty dry around here lately, and that rain was an answer to prayer.

Our yard was soon host to numerous small ponds and lakes, and the garden, with its raised beds and sunken pathways looked as if there should have been a Gondola floating here and there among the lettuce and tomatoes.

We children have always been drawn to rain, and most especially the puddles that it creates. As soon as all danger of Lightening had past, off came the shoes and socks, (if they weren’t off already :-) and away we scamper to dabble about like so many foolish duckies. I had taken up residence in a lovely little rivulet that had sprung up on the front yard, and was merrily wading up and down, enjoying the refreshing water and getting the hem of my dress thoroughly drenched.
But what was this!? Happening to glance down at my feet I noticed a most peculiar thing. An extra tall blade of grass was sticking up above the water, and clinging desperately to it was a very wet, very scared little Roly-poly! “Poor little thing,” I murmured, as I scooped him up and tossed him onto higher/drier ground. “It is a good thing Josh didn’t mow the front yard today.”
Just as I was about to continue with my aquatic adventure, I was stopped short, and quickly leaped from the water in surprise and horror! Hundreds of blades of grass were visible above the surface of the water, and upon further inspection, one could see that almost every blade was occupied by a wet little bug of some kind or another. And to think! Here I had been unconsciously splashing about, knocking the poor little things off of their towers of refuge!
I was thoroughly disgusted with myself!

Ants, roly-polys, spiders, snails, lady-bugs, and even a funny looking long-nosed fellow, all were perched on top of the grass, trying their hardest to stay dry. Grace was quickly called over, and she succeeded in procuring a few photos for your enjoyment.

So next time it rains, go check out the nearest grassy puddle, and perhaps you will find a few insects trying to stay high and dry!