Sunday, February 28, 2016

Michigan View

So while I was basking in the Texas sun, many miles north my family was experiencing the joys of Michigan weather. While I was gone, I think they went through 3 or 4 major weather changes. Here's a glimpse.

You all saw this photo. I believe the temperature was around -11 when it was taken. (this is what happens when you throw boiling water into the air in a sub - 0 day) The day after I left, Home was covered in 3 inches of cold fluffy snow. And then that weekend my family and all the animals lived through some pretty cold weather. Actually our first negatives this year! Not bad considering how the last 2 years have been.

But give Michigan a week, and welcome to another season!! By the next week, temperatures rose, and everything began to melt. 

Josiah worked on clearing paths outback, on the barely still frozen marsh... 

Duckies happily marched around making mud puddles and relishing their freedom... 

Robins came flocking in, and Blackbirds were heard, their song splitting the warming air... 

And Josiah's trees began running again in earnest and he was busy boiling in his newly built Sugar Shack to keep up with it! But once again.. you can never rely on the weather staying the same for so long... don't want to get bored now do we?

 Look at this. Yup. In one day, from nothing on the ground to over 10 inches. I was down in Arkansas that day on my way home, and was convinced by my family to stay there (story coming) because of this whiteout happening back home.

Look at all of that white stuff!! 

By mid day on Thursday, the skies was clear and the sun peaking out, feebly peering down on the heavy laden white world. 

With the wind picking up at the end of the storm, drifts became rather impressive. 

Sadie looking like a ferocious wolf leaping through the snow. 

This is Josiah's leg... that should give you a hint at just how deep the snow was! 

I have always loved walking through the woods after a windy snow storm. All the trees were plastered on the side with heavy wet snow. 

Such a beautiful view!! I made it home in time to see this lovely landscape, but as I said before... don't count on it to stay a certain way for any length of time. The view out of the window now is a lot less white than the above photos. All melted once again!
Please stay tuned here, for continued coverage of this slightly spastic early spring.