Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Birthday Bash!

Yesterday (July 15) was Mom's and Aunt Carmen's Birthday!
So we all headed over to Pine Grove park by the St. Clair river.
As we were driving to Port Huron we saw this sign. How nice of then to remember Mom's birthday=)

A Kite Surfer under the bridge.


The birthday girls!!

Blow those candles out.

Twacy and Aunty Carm.

After lunch we went over to the baseball field and did some practicing.

Faith Ann the pitcher.

Keep your eye on the ball there Dewey!

Uncle Tim hits a grand slam!! (well not quite, but it was a good hit)

We had a wonderful time celebrating Mom and Aunt Carmen's birthday. We are very thankful for Mumsie and all the things she has taught us throughout the years, and thankful to God for giving her to us and allowing her these many years with us.