Monday, January 13, 2014

The First Sighting

 Every year, we go on a hunt to see the first Skunk Cabbage.  This stinky, rather early fore-teller of spring, is usually hidden along stream banks or in marshy areas.  We figured it was warm enough to find some but, we forgot about the still huge drifts of snow hanging over the banks of the stream.

It was a beautiful evening for a walk; the sun cast a golden glow over God's beautiful world, and the temperature was just high enough to make it very enjoyable. 

Finally after much searching, and after we had really given up and were actually heading back homewards, Josiah shouted "there she blows!".

The first little skunk cabbage had been sighted.  

So, to all you pessimist out there, spring is coming for sure! :)


Fluctuating Temperature

Currently we are enjoying a little warm spell, which is absolutely lovely.  But before this weekend, and after the huge snow storm we lived through some extreme temperatures.

The snow was very beautiful, but we really couldn't go out and enjoy it because of the cold.  Two or three days in a row we woke up to negative teens, which only warmed up to single digits during the day.  One day the high was 2 degrees.  :)  Just balmy.... 

But the peak (or should I say the low) was on a day when it was actually supposed to get up into the teens (positive teens) but that morning we saw the temperature sink down to -20! 

Last Friday the temperatures rose, and we expected them to continue to rise.  The snow was quite packable, and Josiah named the mountains rising along the drive way. 

We had Mount Sauve, and Mount Ion (after the snowstorm).

Josiah went up on the roof to clear away the heavy drifts.  He always kept a bank of snow in-between him and the edge... just in case.

Now I believe we have reached the last day of our warm weather.  The ducks have been happily swimming in the freezing cold but melted upper pool, for a day or more now, but I am afraid these daily swims will soon be ended.