Monday, January 13, 2014

The First Sighting

 Every year, we go on a hunt to see the first Skunk Cabbage.  This stinky, rather early fore-teller of spring, is usually hidden along stream banks or in marshy areas.  We figured it was warm enough to find some but, we forgot about the still huge drifts of snow hanging over the banks of the stream.

It was a beautiful evening for a walk; the sun cast a golden glow over God's beautiful world, and the temperature was just high enough to make it very enjoyable. 

Finally after much searching, and after we had really given up and were actually heading back homewards, Josiah shouted "there she blows!".

The first little skunk cabbage had been sighted.  

So, to all you pessimist out there, spring is coming for sure! :)


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