Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The ducklings are growing up!

It has been about one month since I arrived home with four runner ducklings, and in that time they ate, slept, ran, ate slept, and grew.

So they went from looking like this....

To this, in four weeks!!! They are beginning to get their fawn vests that distinguishes the fawn and white runner ducks, and their voices are changing. Right now I am absolutely positive I have one girl, and hoping I have two.

One of their favorite things to do is go down to the pond with "Mommy". To get there they show why they are called "Runner" ducks. If any of you are in need of a laugh or smile, do come over. Nothing I have seen recently is more amusing than my ducklings tearing across the yard at break neck speed, looking like they are about to tumble over sideways any second! =)

Satisfaction is complete when they reach the stream and paddle around to their hearts content.

At first my three big ducks weren't so sure about the tiny intruders, but now they have decided to mainly ignore the little pipsqueaks, unless they get in the way.

In another four weeks or so, I will be selling my little duckies, but until then I am going to enjoy their queer little ways as fully as possible, and try my best to teach them how to eat bugs and be garden ducks.