Thursday, August 27, 2009

At the Crim.

Gasping and walking as fast as possible, John, Josh, Grace and I, maneuvered our way around the side streets of Suburban Flint, trying desperately to make it to our friends, the Klaty's house despite all of the blocked off roads and streets choked with runners. It was the 22nd of August, this years date for the annual Crim, in Flint, a grueling 10 mile run, and the Klaty's had set up their church band on the side walk and were entertaining the joggers with Christian music. We had to park miles (well maybe a mile=) away and start on a Crim length sojourn to reach our destination.

When we finally made it we were greeted by the band's music and the musicians and were able to relax and watch the runners go by...

which was rather interesting at times to say the least. Some of the runners costumes were well, a bit startling.

There were a few people carrying flags, one lady in a disturbing leopard outfit, a man dressed as Mr. Incredible (and as he was about the same size as the cartoon character he was walking not jogging),

...and to top it all off, there was this man who looked to be in his late 50's maybe 60's jogging briskly down the street, juggling three basketballs upside down. In other word he was dribbling the basketballs on the road in a typical juggling style and he never missed a beat. Mrs. Klaty said he's done this every year. (Thanks to Tamra Klaty for this picture.)

As soon as we got there Grace took up her normal post with Callahan Klaty in her arms.

Watching as the runners go by.

Carmen Klaty confiscated the Camera and, as she is afraid of nobody, got some very interesting pictures.

Carmen's friend Natasha.

Later in the morning the walkers came by, going strong.

As the number of walkers began to dribble down then finally stop all together, the band stopped playing and some people left their normal instruments and fiddled around on some others.

Despite the long walk to get there, I believe we all enjoyed our time at the Klaty's watching the Crim and being able to fellowship with fellow believers in Christ.


Our Korean student's American birthday

The day Josh was sworn in to the National Guard was also Daniel's Birthday, so we decided to show him how to celebrate Birthdays the American way with cake, candles and ice cream. In Korea they have a special soup and fancy rice treats on their birthdays.

The Sauve tradition is cake shapes, so we chose a violin shape because that is the instrument that Daniel is learning to play.

Daniel seemed to really like the cake, and enjoyed the time we were able to spend with him on his Birthday.


Joining the National Gaurd

After a lot of prayer thought and discussion, Joshua went down with some of our family last Tuesday to swear in to the National Guard.

We are very proud of him and would appreciate all of your prayers for him as begins this new phase in his life.