Saturday, January 16, 2010

Where am I?

Well let us see if you can guess;) At the moment I am sitting in a room at a nursing home, looking out at waving palm trees and a few flowers. It is currently 75 and partly cloudy. It is supposed to get up to 80 to day.

Well if you guessed California you were absolutely and 100% positively wrong! Texas? Nope no palm trees, and definitely not 75 down there right now. Hawaii, well that would be nice I guess but can you imagine the expense! Did you guess Florida? Well you just happen to be right!

My Grandparents live in Florida, and in December Grandma fell and broke her hip. Our Aunt went down there twice to help Grandpa and drive him to the nursing home. Now it was our turn and Mom decided it would be good if I came along too. Seeing that the last time I flew I was 8 or 9 I was quite excited. We were able to get through security alright, and when we sat down at the gate, we saw our plane drive up, and could even see the pilot through the window!

The sight from the plane was absolutely breathtaking! We flew over the Detroit river and lake Erie, then over a cloud bank. It looks as if the horizon was endless.

We flew over the coast, and God blessed us with clear skies, so I could take pictures of the beauty.

When we landed in Orlando the sky was sunny and the day gorgeous.

A very kind friend of Grandpa's drove to Orlando to take us back to Grandpa and Grandma's house. We all wondered if the tank we passed was full of Orange juice!=)

I know this picture is fuzzy but I had to show you. That truck is full to the top with Oranges!!!! I have seen at least 10 of these trucks just like this one since I have been here!!

Grandma is doing very well in the nursing home and is able to walk all the way down the long hall with a walker. Please pray that she would be able to go home before we leave.

Mom and I were able to take a walk around the mission village where Grandpa and Grandma live. There is a beautiful pond/lake in the village and a peninsula with their chapel on it.

My pretty Mumsie agreed to pose for me on the bridge.

The not so little chapel on the lake.

We were able to get a picture taken with Grandma in therapy. We are so glad to be down here helping Grandma and Grandpa, and are having fun along the way=)! God has blessed us with beautiful weather and we are having a lovely time. Please pray that Mom and I might be able to be a blessing to Grandpa, and that Grandma will continue to improve, and like I said that she will be able come home very very soon! I promise to post pictures of the animals and other curious things I have seen while here, so keep checking.