Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A Decadent Dinner

New Years Eve is our special family time. It's when we gather just us, splurge on a fancy dinner with all the special dishes etc. and spend an evening relaxing together as a family.

It's definitely one of my favorite times, especially because I love preparing the meal and decorating to my hearts content!

As I was writing this blog post, I went and looked back at last years "celebrations"... And I've gotta say I had to laugh.. That was definitely the most unique and memorable New Years Eve we have ever had!!

This year was definitely more normal. :)

Candle light.. it's all in the "ambiance".. Or as Dad says, "the food taste better when you can't see it?" :)

TurDuckEn. Turkey, Duck and Chicken Breast, layered with stuffing.

With sides of Golden Hubbard Squash Casserole, Cranberry sauce, Mashed Potatoes, etc. :)

The best Tradition out there - Homemade Eclairs.. the trick is to not eat too much dinner so you can truly enjoy the deliciousness which is Faith's Eclairs, unless you're Josiah. 

So, I know New Years Day is 2 weeks + behind us. And I know I am once again falling behind here on the blog. But I am trying, amidst my busy schedule to fit it in. Just bear with me :)