Thursday, June 14, 2007

Berries Galore!

Tuesday afternoon us ladies and Josiah and Mrs. Eddy and Theresa headed out to go berry picking together! Strawberries were on the menu and we were able to find a huge farm/orchard that had a great price and huge selection of the fruit! Though the sun was blazing down, we made quick work of it and came home with over 45 lbs of berries!

[sorry the images are grainy. I forgot to check my ISO speed and later found it on the wrong setting! Oh well.]

There was the hunt for the largest berries and though all were close Christianna found a pretty big one! Of course that size was just to big to keep so in the mouth it went! =)

Yumm! Juicy warm berries!

The Eddys with their 14 pounds!

By the end of our picking we had three heaping boxes of strawberries, a few spots on our clothes(and faces) we hoped to get out and more than a few berries in our bellies!
Later in the day Faith got going on making jam. Simply scrumptious!

Deliciousness personified!

Going on a Turtle Hunt!

What fun it is to have our friends the Brysons so close by! The other evening Josiah enjoyed spending time with his friends as they rowed around their pond searching for frogs and turtles. They came up successful with two turtle catches!

Picnic with Friends

Last Saturday night we were invited to a picnic at our friends the Ervin's place. We enjoyed the lovely evening making new friends and fellowshiping with some that we had not seen in a while! Delicious food and fun games and enjoyed conversations had by all! The intent of the event was for us like minded families to fellowship together with our common bond in Jesus Christ and our focus to raising godly families for His glory!
Dinner on the lawn
I feel bad that I didn't get any pictures of our hosts the Ervins but here are some of dad and mom talking with Mr. and Mrs. Bennett.

The boys enjoyed some racing later in the evening.

John racing Destiny. The little guy was so cute, and when John purposely slipped and fell Destiny almost lost laughing so hard!

It was a great night over all and as darkness fell we met around the campfire and sang songs.

The smoke from the fire got in the way of the flash in this picture.

Thank you Ervin family for your wonderful hospitality and friendship! May God richly bless you!

Butterflies in the garden

The other day Christianna and I spotted these little beauties in the garden.

Just trying to get pictures was fun enough but when I realized I could get that close with the camera I thought I'd see if I could get this swallow tail to sit on my finger! Holding my breath I reached down and it delightfully stepped onto my finger!

This 'red spotted purple' was a little evasive but quite the beauty to see! Christianna finally was able to get it onto her hand but by the time I got the camera out again it flew off.

Amazing creations of our great King!