Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Essence of August

September is just around the corner, and here is a condensed glance at our August.
One thing that just shouts August to me is Blueberry picking.  The crop was a bit low this year due to the awful Michigan winter we had, but we did manage to go picking twice.

On our second outing Theresa and Baby Robert joined us.  Baby didn't really help all that much... :)  Just sat in the shade and snoozed the entire time.

It was classic picking weather, hot and a bit muggy. The berries were a little harder to find than usual but we all had a great time anyway.

Plink, plunk... it's amazing how long it takes just to cover the bottom of the pail, especially when you have to taste half of them... it's important I tell you! :)

We were happy to have both Dad and Josiah join us on this trip; it made things go faster with four of us.

Beautiful blue berries.

Snoozing little blueberry boy.

We called it quits after an hour or so and headed up with 2 full pails of berries.

Queen Ann's Lace is another thing that just say's August!

I love when they turn into green bird's nest, and then morph into the brown winter skeletons that are so picturesque. They are so beautiful at all stages of their lives.

Bee on a Bee Balm! :)

August is also the Monarch season.  I think we have had 3 butterflies hatch out this year.  We collect the caterpillars when we find them on our Milk Weed, and we bring them in and enjoy them while they grow, turn into chrysalises, and then hatch out into beautiful butterflies!

Try in the busyness of life to still take time to appreciate the little things - to smell the flowers, catch the lighting bug, and find the essence of each day.