Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Little Blue Storm Cloud

Almost two weeks ago on a very blustery day, as the winds blew across the field and through the branches of our willow tree, they sent down a little gift in the form of a baby blue jay. Though we tried to give it back, the parents would not reclaim it so we kept it and after doing some research, started feeding it worms and oatmeal. Also some of our friends have raised blue jays before and were able to give us some tips on what to feed it. To our great delight we were taking care of a Blue Jay! Of all the birds that Faith has rescued and helped restore to the wild she has never raised a young one, let alone a Blue jay! What a gift from the Creator!

It has been very interesting over the past couple weeks watching this bird grow, practically over night, and see him (or her, you can never tell) turn into one of those beautiful birds.

Even now Little Blue Storm Cloud (that is what Josiah named it, but we just call it Stormy) is quickly filling out his feathers and perfecting his trademark Blue jay call.

Sweet little guy
"Feed me!"
With his solid friend
In the Garden
Stormy here with his buddies! Don't you just love the hairdo on the last guy! =)

We wait to see what God's timing is for our releasing this bird and though we will miss the pleasure and excitement of raising a 'wild' creature the appreciation for God glorious Creation has been broadened for sure!