Tuesday, November 11, 2008

For lack of anything else to say...Random

Ok so when ever I try to log into the blog and post something, I can't! It's been a battle of the brains these last several days and as you can see, the computer won. =P

But you are probably wondering why then you are able to read this? Well lets just say it took a little prayer(yes I do pray about such little things like logging into Blogger!)and perseverance to keep trying while still using my time wisely on other things needed done.
So anyways...here I am with just some randomness to share. Nothing profound but just the normal gobs of pictures that I can't help taking but really don't relate to each other. =)

Christianna, Josiah and mom displaying their masterpiece and giving reports on the Oceania countries.

Josh...who was supposed to be listening to the reports but instead gave me this great smile for this pictures! =P

Little friends. Taken at our friends farm on their tour day.

Looks delicious? It was! Hungarian split farmhouse loaf.

Seedy accents! After harvesting our garden I put a bunch of coriander in a vase and added some country "flavor" to the living room! =)
Digging to China...or for China as we have affectionately called our resident moles that! Baby has quite the nose for them but unfortunately has no thought of where to or not to dig for them!

Here she is digging for her sought after prey (to no avail unfortunately) and ended with about a foot deep hole in our yard.

Check out the look on the her face! Oops! Kind of got a little out of control didn't I? [Josiah took the last two pictures]

Harvest sun on zebra grass tassels.

Be in prayer for our country! God have mercy on America!

The chickens are getting bigger everyday!

Strawberry leaves.

"Sister" and her new "Grace" dress. The fabric, unbeknown to me when I first bought it is actually called Grace!

Dress up! The mysterious Mexican, lovely Amish lady, colonial gent, and the little Scottish farmer and his friend.

"Tiny" and his winning smile!

Last week we spent an enjoyable evening with our friends the Klaty family.
Josiah and Chase building a viking ship. The blurry objects on the right side of the pictures are Spence and Carmen dancing to music. =)

Playing Pool.

Christianna and Cruiz.
Christianna, Carmen and Cruiz!

A friendly Titmouse visiting our feeder. Its the time of year again when we go bankrupt on birdseed!

Once again we are singing in the Handel's Messiah performance in Marlette! This year, as according to tradition we have added yet another piece to the concert. Lift up Your Heads O Ye Gates is yet another beautiful part of Handel's great work!

And last but not least I will close this post with this picture of "Tiny". Now come on, don't tell me a smile doesn't pop on your face when you see this!
God bless you all!