Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Asia Study

Last Monday Tuesday and Wednesday our family took a tour through certain countries of Asia. The “youngest three” Josh, Christianna and Josiah had just finished studying the Asian continent and took us through it via reports pictures and meals.

On Monday we stopped in Mongolia, Christianna’s country and learned about the land and its historical figures. The next day Josh took us through South Korea, (convenient that’s the country where John is;) and we tried our hand at eating with chopsticks.

Grace said that you nearly starved before you got a bite to your mouth.
The meal consisted of chicken, rice (the sticky kind) and corn, which was the absolutely hardest to eat.

Our final stop was India, here we got to eat with our hands. Great fun!
This is "Naan" a special Indian bread. Everyone thought it was very tasty.

Josiah had a wonderful time making Indian Ice cream (and eating it=). It was very interesting learning about all the different countries there cultures lifestyle government and spiritual state.
We need to pray for the people of India that they might see the foolishness of the Hindu caste system and turn to the One who created all men in "one blood". We need to pray that God would burden peoples hearts to become missionaries to Mongolia, to show the people that their simplicity and care for nature is not good enough, and that they must serve the Creator not the creation, and we need to praise God for the Christian's in South Korea (it is said that South Korea sends out the more missionaries than any other country) and pray that he would continue to strengthen His church there.