Monday, November 07, 2005

The Scottish Covenanter Party Picture Slide Show!

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All the women folk waiting for the party to start. Talk about a lot of plaids!! Posted by Picasa

Miss Abigail Rambeck. Posted by Picasa

The Aaron Hyslop Family. Now thats a Scottish family! Mr. Hyslop came representing his ancestor, Andrew Hyslop! Posted by Picasa

The Nathan Rambeck Family. Ethan, Nathan, Jamie, and Abigail. Posted by Picasa

A young Scotsman. Joshua Sauve a.k.a. Richard Cameron. Posted by Picasa

The Wissman Family singers were in town from Nebraska and were staying with the Jaster family. What a blessing it was to have them come join us for the Covenanter party, and even join in, as their one daughter, Bethany came representing the Covenanter Margaret Wilson! Posted by Picasa

Trust me, seeing men in skirts.. I mean kilts, is a very rare, and if I may add, quite hilarious sight to see!!! Pictured above are the very respectable, Mr. Chuck DeLadurantey, and Mr. Howard Shepherd. Posted by Picasa

Pretty scary huh? Yup, some weren't so sure if he was on our side or not! For those of you who can't recognize him this is John, representing John Welsh. Posted by Picasa

The "McEddy" family! =) L-R Theresa, Michele, Stuart, and Shawn. Posted by Picasa

The Three Musketeers.... Scottish style! Posted by Picasa

Two young Scottish ladies discussing the latest technology. Grace Sauve and Allison Marshall. Posted by Picasa

The two Marion Harvies! Kelly Shepherd, and Faith Sauve. Posted by Picasa

Annick Marshall and Josiah Hyslop. Posted by Picasa

Master Phillip DeLadurantey ready to defend the Covenant! Posted by Picasa

Thomas Deladurantey was our hay bale tossing champion, with runner-up Stuart Eddy! Posted by Picasa

The events highlight! A real Bagpiper came, and along with some drumming accompaniment from the Yachanin family, played several scottish pieces for us!! Posted by Picasa

Kathryn and Carol Deladurantey. Posted by Picasa

Mr. and Mrs. Shepherd Posted by Picasa

Miss Annick Marshall and Miss Theresa Eddy. Posted by Picasa

Here we all are! Do we look like Scottish Covenanters? Not with those long French noses, you say? Well we tried anyways, and it was fun! Just wait till next year, when we come back to represent the French Huguenots! Posted by Picasa