Sunday, January 31, 2016

Our Grown up Guy

Last Saturday was the 21st Birthday of Josiah Thomas Sauve! The youngest in the family is all grown up!
At 6 foot 7, he definitely is the tallest in the house, and has so many talents and interests: Farming, woodcraft, species of plants, American history, science, the list goes on and on. 

Currently he is working on clearing our property line and planning on building a board walk of some sort, to be able access our back woods for Maple Season and beyond. He is one hard worker!

 Due to schedules, we ended up having his birthday dinner on Friday. The main highlights were having our very own Ham from our healthily raised pigs, and cheese made from Miss Rosie's milk this summer, and ripened to the perfect sharp cheddar flavor! 

One of Josiah's long held traditions is going for a walk on his birthday. One of his stipulations is it has to be a walk on water (it's a long story.. ask him) and the other thing he tries is finding a place we haven't been before!  

This year it was the Murphy Lake State Game area. New one to us!  

One terrific unexpected discovery on our walk was a hill covered with wintergreen berries! It's that time of year, but I don't think we've ever found them so thick!  

Made it to the lake! 

 Once you brushed off the snow... it was quite slippery and made for lots of fun!
 Squishy's little legs got tired on the hike (though he is quite the trooper and loves walking and hiking!) But there was no shortage of people to carry him! ;)
The landscape around was breathtaking! Lots of Birch Trees and some magnificent Pines as well! 

Squishy's favorite though wasn't one of his Aunts, but rather Sadie Rose (he loves "doggies," it was actually his first word) who came with us. She loves going on walks, and we generally let her just run free, but we met up with an Ice fisher so the leash went on.. thus the look of shame on her face. :) 

We returned home invigorated by our walk in the fresh air, and hungry enough to eat wood!  

 Ok, not really. Josiah's cake this year was a snowy log ready to be split, for our ax man! :)

It was a tasty little log. 

We had some extra visitors in the afternoon. Aunt Carmen, Uncle Tim, and their 3 grandchildren stopped by. Rufus was very happy to get out and say Hi! 

This year though.. one walk wasn't enough for Josiah. It just happened that the full moon fell on his birthday and it was relatively clear, so he wanted to go on a "midnight" walk (it wasn't quite that late.. but close).

We went to the Wadhams to Avoca trail, and got to walk across this magnificent trestle bridge!

The moon truly was marvelous! And it was amazing how bright everything was. 
We made it home right at midnight, finishing off a wonderful day celebrating an incredibly young man!

Here's to an exciting and full year ahead for him!


Monday, January 25, 2016

Romping Rufus

This is Rufus. Our very cute little Jersey Steer. Also known as "Baby Boy Cow"... (Don't ask..)

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Rufus recently has had to live by himself, so every once awhile we take him out for a run! 

 Look at his cute curly little head!! 
Cow tongue! 

Run Rufus Run!!! :)


Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Opening of 2016

2016. It's gonna take a little bit of time to get used to that number. We opened it with anticipation, planning, a relaxed day, some fun traditions, family, and a few friends.

Kitten the epitome of relaxed elegance. 

Currant Buns for breakfast.. not much in the world can beat warm soft, melt in your mouth currant buns, covered and soaked with plenty of butter!!

This is what happens when your brother gets tired of you trying out your new lens on him while he's setting out the food. Cracker portrait anyone?? :)

My Ducky board "Cheese and Quackers" comes out once a year..

The scrumptious spread. 

For us?? All three of the animals were very excited to get to be inside around all the food that might be dropped. :) Our three ladies: Miss Shine, her Royal Highness Pumpkin Spice Lottie (aka Kitten), and the best dog ever, Sadie Rose!

It was so wonderful to have Aunt Carmen and Uncle Tim join us for our annual New Years day celebrations for the first time!!

We actually had quite a full house that day! Grace came up with a friend, Josh and Theresa and Gabe came over, and a couple other friends as well!

Good conversations and great food. What more could you ask for!
Oh..a dog to pet. That's what! :)

Later on in the afternoon we went outside and on a walk. "Squishy" was quite the adventurer! So much fun!

 We even visited the pigs, and with some help from friends, moved them to a new section. 

This little guy was such a great sport! And wanted to hike with us all the way to the back! We all came back re-energized, cold and ready for Hot Chocolate, Hot Cider, and more snacks!!

Mr. Reiche stayed later and enjoyed showing us photos from his recent Alaska adventure and teaching us a new game. 

All in all, it was a great day and a wonderful start to the new year! May each consecutive day be more and more to God's glory!


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A Decadent Dinner

New Years Eve is our special family time. It's when we gather just us, splurge on a fancy dinner with all the special dishes etc. and spend an evening relaxing together as a family.

It's definitely one of my favorite times, especially because I love preparing the meal and decorating to my hearts content!

As I was writing this blog post, I went and looked back at last years "celebrations"... And I've gotta say I had to laugh.. That was definitely the most unique and memorable New Years Eve we have ever had!!

This year was definitely more normal. :)

Candle light.. it's all in the "ambiance".. Or as Dad says, "the food taste better when you can't see it?" :)

TurDuckEn. Turkey, Duck and Chicken Breast, layered with stuffing.

With sides of Golden Hubbard Squash Casserole, Cranberry sauce, Mashed Potatoes, etc. :)

The best Tradition out there - Homemade Eclairs.. the trick is to not eat too much dinner so you can truly enjoy the deliciousness which is Faith's Eclairs, unless you're Josiah. 

So, I know New Years Day is 2 weeks + behind us. And I know I am once again falling behind here on the blog. But I am trying, amidst my busy schedule to fit it in. Just bear with me :)