Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Josiah and the Creation Museum

Due to me(Grace) being gone this past weekend and the nasty bug that has been floating through our house lately, this post is just getting on now, several weeks late! Josiah is still under the weather right now so unfortunately we will not be able to do the original plan of reporter post. However he hopes you will enjoy all these pictures he took and as he says, “It was awesome!" =)

Check out their website here, and also ~Enjoy!~

For Josiah's 13th birthday he, dad and his friend Matthew and his father went down to the Creation Museum. Lately Josiah has really gotten into studying and learning how to refute evolution and loves to read about dinosaurs! This was a wonderful gift for him (thanks to friends who made it all happen) and to share it with one of his closest friends was even better!

On the way down they listened to their favorite radio drama - Jonathan Park!

The two Pauls

If you don't know, turtles are one of Josiah's and Matthew's favorite animals so it was no surprise that the tank holding these unique creatures in the enterance was one of the most favorite attractions!

~There is so much Josiah would loved to tell you about (so much so we could publish a book!) but I guess unless you talk him you will just have to go visit the place yourself! It was "Magnificent!" Another great website for kids is :