Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Confederate officer.

Josh in his new Confederate outfit that Faith made for him.

Doesn't he look positively smashing?


A Harvest Party.

October 31st found most of our family (Dad, Mom, Faith, Christianna, and Josiah.) down at some old friend's house for a Harvest Party.

It was a slightly windy and chilly, but we still had a wonderful time.

The Mills have a great set up, and are incredible hosts.

It was great to see some of the people from our former home school group.

One of the first activities was an archery contest, and everyone lined up out behind the barns for the shootings to begin!

They divided the participants into 3 groups and there were 3 targets at certain distances. The challenge came when they had to find their arrows that missed the target.

One of the first contestants.

And he aims and... aims and releases. Twang!

The winner of the 18 and up age group.

One of the other activities was a family scarecrow competition. We used Josiah's old overalls and flannel shirt. We put some seeds in his pocket and a stuffed bird on his shoulder. He also held a pitchfork and wore an old straw hat.

A very creative pumpkin headed scarecrow.

Here is a Canadian skier Scarecrow.

Darth Vader.

Our finished creation.

Near the end of the evening after the meal Mr. White led us in some square dancing. Faith joined in, everyone had piles of fun!!

Mr. Mills also took whoever wanted to on a wagon ride.

We had a wonderful time with friends celebrating Gods blessing of harvest. Thank you Mills Family!