Wednesday, August 20, 2008

At the Lake with Family

Friday afternoon/evening was spent over in Port Huron visiting with Grandparents and A. Carmen and U. Tim before G&G left for Florida Monday. We headed over to the lake just above the river and ate supper, the guys(minus Josh who was up in the U.P.) threw a ball around and us girls walked the beach enjoying the warm sand and beautiful water sky scenery...Oh, and of course took pictures! This time I wanted to get some of myself, so I had several helpers as Aunt Carmen took the pictures of us girls, and Christianna and Josiah took pictures of me. Thanks guys!

The oldest Light House in Michigan!


Loving the Sunshine!

Sisters. Yes, we did jump off but sorry can't show those pictures! =P

This picture makes me think of angels.

I could barely drag Josiah away from the beach! He loves to look for rocks, shells and just play in the water!

Praise God that Grandpa and Grandma had a safe and enjoyable trip home! Love you two!

Afterwards we headed down to Vantage Point along the river to enjoy some ice cream. Thanks Grandma!

More pictures over at my Photo Blog.

The Battle of the Gigantimous Tomato!

Lego battle scene on the kitchen counter.

Josiah setting up Tomato mountain.

The dark knights

It's hard to really see it, but the large tomato that the horse is standing on is the size of three of my fists put together! HUGE!!! It made for some great sandwiches though. =)

Nature walk at the Santuary with friends.

Giant Swallow Tail

Checking out things on the collection table.

Cleavers are so much fun!

John and Scott


Lydia and Emily.

Back up and Running again!

Well we resolved the picture problem and hopefully now I can catch you all up on what we have
been doing...stay tuned!