Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Last Hurrah

So this actually happened a little while ago, but it was simply scrumptious and rather pretty too.
The very last of the Strawberries were picked, and we just couldn't do something boring, like freezing them, so in celebration we made a strawberry cream trifle. 

It was delicious, a good choice for the last hurrah of the strawberries.  The official count was 185 quarts of strawberries.  We of course are very very grateful for so many berries, but our aching backs are just as thankful that they are finished! 

We were going to just eat half of the bowl (it was rather large) but.... cream and strawberries never hurt anybody right?, and it would have been a shame to take up room in the fridge, so it was all finished in one night! 

So there's the story of the last of the strawberries!