Monday, March 07, 2016

Running Down

Believe it or not.. here at the beginning/middle of March, when it's not too uncommon for the Maple season to just be starting, we are staring the possibility of the end of the season in the face. What with these glorious warmer temperatures and little hope of another cool down, it is most likely that we have reached the end of sap collecting, which makes me very proud of my brother for following his gut a month and a half ago and tapping the trees on January 30th, despite all the old timers saying it was too early!

So, though it might end sooner then he would like. It really has been an ok season! With some pretty good runs! 

Josiah's sugar shack is really quite nice, (Complete with lighting and all!) can't wait to see what he does next year.  

We're just a sappy mess! :)

Our little old faithful boiler. The size is called a "half pint" :)

Collecting sap was a full time job, especially on the warm days; the trees were "running" so fast. :)

Some nights, Josiah was out late with his little light glimmering in the dark from the sugar shack on the hill. And if you ventured out into the black world and made your way to the glowing little shack, you were greeted by warm moist air, thick with the perfume of maple syrup!

And this is the result! So far we have made about 8 1/2 gallons of Syrup. And hopefully we aren't quite done yet. 

So if you're interested in purchasing some maple syrup.. let us know! (but don't wait too long.. supply is limited!)

And if you want to get a free sniff of the best house perfume ever, take a look at how syrup is made, and maybe even get a complimentary pancake supper.. just give us a call! :)