Friday, October 26, 2007

Harvest Festival 2007!

Well folks, they are finally here. The pictures from our 2007 Harvest Festival!

Sorry about the delay but since I was also using my 35mm camera I wanted to wait till they were developed before I posted.

God truly blessed the day with wonderful weather, though it was quite windy, but that didn't stop any of the activities as we had races (both on foot and with cornstalk/husk boats), woodworking, stilt races, crafts and several historic readings. Having a tent this year was a life saver and what a great blessing it was to have over 50 people come, both new and old friends and several from out of state!

Many thanks again to the Eddy family for hosting this event and for all the work they and many others put into making this all happen! May God be glorified!

Therefore, with no more further ado, here are the images captured! Enjoy!