Monday, March 10, 2008

Gardening in Winter

The other day found Faith, Christianna and I over in Port Huron learning from and helping our Great Aunt Myrt with gardening stuff. After learning how to start our spring gardening by preparing the seed containers, we went outside with Uncle Warren to harvest some carrots from the snow covered and hibernating garden.

After traipsing through the crusty snow we finally came to the designated spot and started our excavation! Below a frozen layer of snow and a deep layer of straw we finally found our gold and Faith pulled carrot after carrot out. We ended up digging up a huge amount, maybe a little to much, and before we covered up the hole and headed inside we collected some of the rich soil hidden below for the seed starting.

Big and crispy golden nuggets!

The harvesters.

Gleaning from Aunt Myrt's Garden treasury!

The crispiest and juiciest carrots ever, with a delicious flavor!
Now we can't wait to start our own seeds and look forward to spring planting!