Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Wednesday Poem

The other day Mom brought up a folder with some children's newsletters that we had published years ago, and in those newsletters I found some beautiful poems written by a certain someone in our family. Some of them would be more appropriate to post in the summer when there are flowers and birds etc, but one poem I found was truly wonderful for any season. It was written after a particularly profound sermon at the church we attended back then. The author said that a particular phrase in the sermon arrested her attention. One of those phrases that sends shivers down your back in awe, so she wrote a poem, (unusual for her, as she is more adept in free verse) sticking that wondrous phrase at the very end of the poem. So without further ado here is:
The Wedding Feast at Cana

The house was in a flurry
On this balmy day in May.
Everything must be perfect,
For the Wedding Feast is today!

The food was made and ready,
All the guests had been invited.
The betrothed young man and maiden,
were soon to be united!

In the middle of the room,
The mother of Jesus stood,
Directing the servants and making sure
everything was put where it should.

A shadow fell across the door,
Mary looked up to see,
Jesus, Andrew, Peter, Nathaniel,
Philip, and the sons of Zebedee.

The festivities were about to start,
Everything was set.
People singing, dancing, devouring the food
And talking with those they had met.

Things were going just as planned,
Everything was fine,
'Till a servant whispered in Mary's ear,
"There isn't any more wine!"

How could this have happened?
They'd planned everything so well!
They needed more wine immediately,
But who could Mary tell?

Her gaze fell upon Jesus,
His hand upon an empty wine cask.
She had a feeling that He could help them,
If only she would ask.

As she approached, He smiled at her.
A gentle, loving smile.
'Son,' she said, 'We are out of wine.
We've been out for quite a while.'

Jesus gently took her hand,
'Woman, what has that to do with me?
My time has not yet come,' He said,
'Don't you see?'

With an answering smile, Mary turned,
To the servants nearby, waiting.
'Do whatever He tells you to do.'
Jesus' mother said, 'Anything.'

'Fill those stone jars with water,' Jesus spoke.
Pointing to where they sat.
The servants did it, but wondered,
Why would He have them do that?

'Now give some to your master to drink.'
The servants were in shock!
Who is this Man who told them to take water?
Their master they did it to mock!

But they poured the cup as this strange Man had said,
And the servants became strangely hushed.
But the conscious water knew its Lord,
and blushed.

By: Faith Ann Sauve