Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Adventures in Port Huron with Grace and Christianna

1411 Griswold St. is where my uncle grew up, and is now the summer home for my grandparents when visiting from Florida. This past week Faith, Christianna and I had the opportunity to stay with them and help out with cooking and other things since my Grandma fractured a vertebrae in her back. Faith was able to stay from Monday till Wednesday and then Christianna and I switched with her till we were picked up on the way to church on Sunday. Between taking my great aunt to the doctor, exploring the hidden treasures of the old house, baking and enjoying a stroll along the river, we also enjoyed spending time reading, drawing or just talking with our Grandparents. Posted by Picasa

Past the gate, into the small backyard, where once they were pruned and cultivated, now wandered wild and entangled; roses and ivy, ferns and bushes waiting to be admired and enjoyed once again. Posted by Picasa

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On Thursday, while Grandma and Grandpa were away at a luncheon, Christianna and I opened the door of mystery and headed up to the attic to see what it contained. Though most of it seemed to be filled with holiday decor and things retired from use, such as lamps, small tables and chairs, there were also somethings that appeared to hold tales of eras before our existence, filled full with stories that might never be told.  Posted by Picasa

Though we did not open them, we were told that these old trunks had been filled with memorbilia from WWII and their owner's time of service for our country. Posted by Picasa

A collection of styles and fashion of yesterdays, filled with memories and stories past lived. Posted by Picasa

Remembering the past and mysteries untold. Posted by Picasa

With being so used to cooking for 9 people, preparing a meal for only 4 was a piece of cake!  Posted by Picasa

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While Grandma was getting her hair done, Grandpa, Christianna and I had lunch in the park. It was rather windy, but the scenery was outstanding as we walked along the river, watching the sail boats and other small water craft battle the choppy waters and strong currents. Posted by Picasa

History lesson with Aunt Jackie and Grandpa! We learned so many interesting things about their mother and her family and extended family! The photograph pictured is of their mother (center) and her parents and brother. Posted by Picasa