Wednesday, September 08, 2010

A walk in the autumnal woods.

Last week Josiah got his long standing wish to go for yet another walk at the state game area near us.

All through our walk we ran into beautiful reminders that fall is on its way.

The great adventurer!

It was great to have Skylar with us for the weekend and she joined us for our expedition.

Ooh camouflage shelf fungi!

It was a gorgeous day, and we noticed as we trudged along that we seemed to be trailing quite a few horses. This was one of the nicer signs;).

Our destination was pinnacle peak, but Josiah in trying to take us along the "quicker route" ended up leading us on the most circular and up and down way to our goal.

We did finally reach pinnacle peak and caught our breath while surveying the gorgeous surroundings before plunging down the hill towards home.

Our lives these days are so rushed and full of things we just "have" to do none of us take enough time to stop and take a look around us. God has created so many beautiful amazing and breathe taking things, you could spend your entire life studying all the minute details that he has placed in the world for our use and enjoyment, and still at the end of our lives there would be more things to see. So take some time to thank your heavenly Father for not just placing you in a mundane black and white world, but instead fusing the world with color and texture, and life! He has given us so much to be thankful for; let us take some time and observe them.