Monday, July 06, 2009

The Beginning of our Celebrations!

Our Fourth of July celebrations began on Friday this year with a patriotic gathering with our friends.
I had a great time decorating the deck before everyone came. Josiah and I helped Dad hang up this flag, and I hung streamers everywhere, which ended up stretching out and getting in the way=) But hey they looked nice at the start!

Grace made this lovely bouquet!

And we decorated the tables to perfection. (well almost anyways)

I even decorated Bubba's hair.

Sorry about the fuzzy pictures but Bubba wasn't thrilled with the braids and wouldn't hold still. I think he thought it made him look like a girl;)

A sweet helper!

Josiah was in charge of filling the water balloons (I don't know if that was such a good idea) but he did have the great idea of making a flag with the balloons.

Then everyone arrived and the party began!!

Baby Raya is the sweetest thing. Don't you just love her expression.

Faith's pretty flag cake.

As soon as we were done with supper, the games began. Here we are playing one of our favorite games water balloon volleyball!

Catch that balloon!

After we had run out of water balloons we went directly to our traditional races. First, wheelbarrow racing.

Run Grace run!!!

Josh and Uncle Warren enjoyed a game of Washer Toss.

Waiting in suspense for her ride.

The spectators of the races.

Sam pushing his little brother. Careful there Sam you're wheelbarrow is a bit tipsy.

Mumsie and Aunt Carmen watch the races. (They are Twins by the way)

Holding Baby Sister.

We also did a three legged race (which we got no pictures of) and then some relays with bean bags.

Ellie on stilts!

Most people had left by dark, but we did some fountain fireworks anyways.

So if anyone made it all the way down this long post, thank you for taking the time. I am sorry it is so long, but there were so many good pictures and they were so hard to choose from, that I just had to put on this many. I hope you enjoyed it anyways, and stay tune for pictures from the rest of our fourth celebrations.