Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sculptures, Slingshots and Smiles

As the snow became a little more packable, Dad added to our sculptures on the deck.

A turtle, a heart...

and a dolphin.

We also had a whole bunch of rotting growing potatoes, and Josiah had the great idea of shooting them out back with our three man slingshot. We had great fun, Josiah even set up a sled by the pond for a target, I never hit it:).

We saved some potatoes, so some of the people from our church could shoot them Sunday afternoon.

Almost everyone had a try or two.

Pull, aim carefully...

and shoot!

Sister gave a valiant try.

She fell backward with the effort and nearly knocked Faith over.

Pull Tiny, pull!!! We had a great time. Even though no one hit the sled, the potatoes flew great distances, most over our fence and some all the way across the pond!