Thursday, September 30, 2010

Autumn Pleasures

Gorgeous days are now upon us. The temperature is just right and the sunshine delicious. Days almost made for biking. Our dear friend Mr. Reiche has been telling us about this delightful trail not to far from us, so on one of these picture perfect days we headed out with him for a biking adventure.

The Paint Creek trail is approximately 10 miles one way. We took the shorter more scenic part of it, 4 or so miles one way.

The darling little Paint Creek wiggled back and forth underneath the trail. Sparkling and laughing along its merry way!

Sweet bits of meadows were strewn along the way, and gorgeous trees cast delightful shade upon the road.

The trail was made of crushed limestone, which was quite smooth and a joy to bike on.

The trail ended and landed us in Rochester park, where we waded through the streams and played with ducks.

Yes ducks, there were these cunning little "wild" mallards that were really quite tame, they enjoyed our crackers immensely.

This little squirrel joined us for lunch, he even brought along his own apple=)

When we made it back to where we began, we stopped by the paint creek cider mill to look at the old water wheel. It was a lovely day with gorgeous weather and charming company!