Tuesday, September 29, 2009

General Bullfrog.

The other day as I walked toward the garden minding my own business, I passed the crock (a cinder block structure in the ground that is full of water) and the sound of a large kerplop and sploosh hit my ears. Recovering from the blow ;) I peered down into the murky depth of the crock intent on discovering what had made the disturbing noise, I saw a shadowy shape of a large frog sitting on the muddy bottom of crock.

I ran and told Josiah who came out armed to catch the creature. Upon doing so we discovered a ginormous bullfrog.

General bullfrog, as we called him was to large for the crock so we evacuated him to the pond where he would be much more comfortable, if that is he stays away from our resident
Great Blue Huron.