Thursday, June 19, 2008

This years bird adventure

As this years spring time for birds nesting came around we were all wondering "what will God send us this year?" (some of you may remember our story of Stormy) Well, though many of you may not care for their kind and they might not be the prettiest or as cute as Stormy is the story of our four Starling babies.

Meet Eenie, Meenie, Minee and Moe.

Mommy and Daddy Starling chose a very bad place to build their nest. They thought it was a great place, very secluded, warm and dry, but the People didn't like it. The People said that it was blocking up the bathroom vent and needed to be cleaned out. So one afternoon, out it came, along with four very noisy, very pathetic looking, very hungry baby birds.

Thankfully these People were the Kind Hearted type and couldn't kill E. M. M. and M. So the Girl made a nest out of dried grass as best she knew how and tucked the little birdies into it. Bright and early, every morning, at about 10 minutes to 6:00,the Girl would get up and feed the babies, and then continue feeding them all day long every 1/2 hour. (Did I mention they were very hungry?)

Soon the Quartet graduated to larger accommodations on the front porch, where they practiced perching, catching crickets, and generally looking and acting more like birds, much to the delight of the People.

Despite her attempts not to, the Girl grew very fond of the little fellows.

The leg muscles took a little bit of strengthening before they could perch properly. Their first attempts were not very successful and a bit humorous.

Exercise time was enjoyed by all. E. M. M. and M. wobbling about making their 'murw' noises, hiding under the Girl's long skirts and inside the Boy's pant legs.

They found the camera to be very interesting. . .

. . . the Boy spent many hours playing with them . . .

. . . and the People found the birdies "hair" to be very amusing.

One day, the Girl thought that E. M. M. and M. should have some exercise out of doors. These Starling babies learned to fly much earlier then Stormy did last year, and once outside, they took off into the trees. They soon came to the conclusion that the great outdoors was much too big as of yet for such small birdies and so, (after much coaxing) allowed the People to take them back inside. All accept Eenie that is. He had decided that he was a grown up bird now and didn't need any People to tuck him in bed and feed him crickets. So off he went, and soon found another Starling family to hang out with.

Then there was Larry, Moe and Curly.

The birdies matured at a rapid rate. Their flying and landing skills improved and they even started to lose that cute hair-do. A few more ventures into the great outdoors, and the Girl knew that soon they would to be staying outside for good.

So now L. M. and C. live outside, where all birds should be, flying happy and free. They still rely on the People for some of their food, while they learn to find and catch bugs for themselves.

Moe met an untimely death about a week ago, but Larry and Curly are still going strong and have enjoyed watching the progress of the deck project.

So if you come see the People any time soon, be on the lookout for these two sassy little Starlings. They might come to the deck and visit for a while, and if you have the chance to give them a slimy worm or jumpy cricket, you'll be their forever friend!

~ the Girl


Looking at this picture you may be thinking..."mmm...juicy, crisp and sweet watermelon!"...

Well thats exactly what we were thinking too when we cut into this fruit to enjoy along with our dinner. Unfortunately our thoughts were quickly changed as you will see in the next couple pictures!!!

Green, bitter and utterly non-appetizing was the flavor that filled our mouths! (yes I did get permission from mom to post these pictures!)

"You expect me to eat this stuff?"


Ok who picked out that watermelon!?!

Well, besides the watermelon mishap (though it was pretty funny to see all the faces!) we did enjoy the rest of our dinner of chicken and vegetable kabobs with rice on our "new" deck that is almost totally finished except for the steps!

The Four Coneheads...otherwise known as Joshua, Faith, Josiah and Christianna sitting on the edge where the steps are to be! =)

Baby having fun on the new deck too!

The deckman! (or at least one of the many!)